General delivery and payment conditions / VOF
These conditions only relate to the sale of fireworks.

Article 1: Definitions

In these terms and conditions, ‘consumer’ means the buyer and/or client, a natural person, who uses the goods of this webshop. The following conditions apply to the agreements concluded between the consumer and Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF.

Our data:
Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF
Westzijde 1
150SE Zaandam

Phone: 075-7572682

KvK: 50341170
TAX-no: NL822684329B01

Article 2: Prices, promotions and discounts

Additional discounts do not apply to promotional products. The free fireworks or the discounts are valid until 27 December 18:00. Prices on our website only apply to orders via our webshop. All our offers are without obligation. All prices and offers are valid while stocks last and until 27 December 18:00 of the current calendar year at the latest.

Article and price changes as a result of legal regulations or provisions are reserved.

Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF reserves the right to adjust or terminate offers and promotional prices at any time.

Article 3: Prepayment

Advance payments by the consumer are 100% of the agreed price. The agreement between the consumer and Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF is final after the order has been placed and the payment has been completed.

Article 4: Force majeure

Force majeure is understood to mean any shortcoming that Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF cannot be attributed. Attribution does not take place if the shortcoming is not due to his fault, nor is he responsible for it by virtue of the law, legal act or generally accepted opinion. A product that cannot be delivered to Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF by the importer will be replaced by a similar product of at least the same value.

Article 5: Collection

The collection period applies as a fixed period, unless the parties agree otherwise. If the consumer does not collect the ordered goods within the period, no later than 6:00 pm on 31 December of the current calendar year. If December 31 falls on a Sunday, read December 30 instead of December 31. There will be no refund if your order is not collected on time. The purchased and paid goods can be picked up at Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF during the official sales days. A maximum of 25 kg of fireworks may be collected per person.

Article 6: Payment

The amount owed to Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF must be paid when placing the order. During the presale the minimum order amount is € 15.00. Payment takes place via the online payment options (iDeal credit card or Paypal) that are offered during the ordering process, in the store you can pay in cash or by debit card.

Article 7: Warranty and inspection

The delivered goods meet the standards set for this by the Dutch government.

Article 8: Defects; complaint terms

The consumer is obliged to inspect the purchased goods immediately upon receipt and, if necessary make a complaint. If the consumer makes a complaint, his obligation to pay and to purchase orders placed will continue to exist.

Article 9: Liability

Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF is not liable for damage of any kind that arises because the goods are transported or used incorrectly after delivery. Misuse is in any case, but not limited to, using the goods in bad weather conditions for setting off fireworks, using the goods within a building and/or home or using the goods in a different (contradictory) way than stated on the packaging.

In addition, Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF is not liable for damage of any nature whatsoever that arises after the consumer has used or processed the goods after delivery.

The liability of Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF under the agreement with the consumer is limited to an amount that is in proportion to the agreed price according to standards of reasonableness and fairness, but in any case to a maximum of the order amount or this liability is covered by the importer’s insurance.

Article 10: Applicable law in case of disputes

All disputes regarding the formation, explanation or performance of an agreement with Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF will be submitted exclusively to a competent court. Dutch law applies to the agreement, its interpretation and its implementation. The foregoing does not affect the right to submit a dispute to the competent court.

Article 11: Partial nullity

If one or more provisions of the agreement or the general terms and conditions are declared void or invalid, the other provisions of the agreement and the general terms and conditions will remain in full force between the parties.

The parties undertake to replace the void or invalid provision(s) with one or more new binding provision(s) in such a way that the new provision(s) deviate(s) as little as possible from the provision(s). and) which it replaces, taking into account the original intention of the parties as much as possible.

Article 12: Cancel / Return

You can cancel your fireworks order up to 3×24 hours after placing the order, but no later than 5 working days before the pick-up date you have chosen.

Fireworks that have already been collected can never be returned.

Article 11: Miscellaneous

Free fireworks are determined by Vuurwerkland Zaandam / VOF itself and are only valid in the presale.

If an item ordered by you is sold out, we will supply an equivalent or more expensive item. Article and price changes as a result of legal regulations or provisions are reserved.

The articles depicted on the website / webshop and on printed matter are not actual size.

When selling and using consumer fireworks, the following minimum ages apply for purchase and collection:

Category 1 (F1): 12 years
Category 2 (F2): 16 years
Category 3 (F3): 18 years

Valid identification may be requested upon collection

If no category is stated on the fireworks, the minimum age stated on the packaging is binding, but at least 16 years.

A maximum of 25 kg of fireworks may be collected / transported per person.

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